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Saturday, October 22, 2011


The Government of Tanzania is committed to continue to recognise and engage the Diaspora so that they may achieve their objectives as well as to allow them to contribute to the development of their country.
The central vision of Tanzanian Diaspora is to bring Tanzanians living in United Kingdom, Europe and America together and to identify those willing to offer their skills (education, information technology, health, science, economic, administration, law, political and corporate governance, management etc) to assist Tanzanian national development.
To promote Tanzania
  • Promote, support and encourage trade awareness between Tanzania and her diaspora as well provide an informative platform to promote Tanzania business environment.
  • To inculcate awareness to diaspora about Tanzania’s business and investment opportunities.
Creating Opportunities
  • To provide a link between Tanzania Government agencies and its diaspora and to leverage on each other’s resources for Tanzania development.
  • To promote knowledge transfer and information sharing between Tanzanians in the diaspora and the Tanzanian private and public sectors.
  • To promote cooperation and provide guidance
  • Promote networking among Tanzanians in the diaspora and provide them with investment, financial, employments and other information on Tanzania.
  • Provide the government with a platform to deduce sentiments of her diaspora for policy and planning purposes.
  • To assist investment plans of Tanzanians in the diaspora by providing up to date information and linkages to vital services.
  • To provide informational guidance to Tanzanians professional contemplating to taking up jobs in Tanzania.
  • To develop a record list of potential Tanzanians living in the diaspora investors and professionals and assist to facilitate their decision through information dissemination.