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Friday, October 21, 2011


Miss Africa Minnesota 2011

Venue:Spring Lake Park High School Theater –1100 81st Ave NE,Spring Lake Park,MN 55432
Saturday November 19,2011 Time:6pm-11pm

Why Miss Africa Minnesota

Miss Africa Minnesota Pageant was created to showcase the intelligence,culture,talents,and beauty of African women in Minnesota. This contest was designed to recognize and reward outstanding young African women.

We put an emphasis on academics,family and community involvement – with elegance and grace. We have the most conservative system,putting the major emphasis on inner qualities and personality rather than the physical appearance of young African women.

The truth is there are way far too many young African women making wrong choices;way too many high school and/or college drop-out;a lot of them getting involve with drugs,alcohol,and other crimes;increasing spread of AIDS;and experiencing motherhood at early ages.

Miss Africa Minnesota Pageant’s goal is to award scholarships,prizes,and awards to recognize and assist in the development of young African women in Minnesota. We help young women become tomorrow’s leaders.

As we guide them through the steps of the competition,they gain poise,self confidence,and valuable communications skills. We hope that with this competition,many African women will see and adapt something else that they can participate to be “cool”,than getting involve in negative activities.