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Monday, November 18, 2013

The Tanzania Convention-Trade and Investment Conference

Status: Immediately

The Tanzania Convention-Trade and   Investment Conference in London on 6th-7th December 2013, at the ROYAL REGENCY, 501 HIGH STREET NORTH
MANOR PARK  LONDON E12 6TH.Nearest  station: Manor  Park.Buses:86,25  from  Stratford  station
The conference will bring together the Diaspora, ministers, business leaders, investors and senior government officials as well as the major International Financial Institutions. The Forum,  will focus on Tanzania as one of Africa’s leading business and investment destinations, while taking the theme: ’Unleashing  Tanzania’s  potential as  a  pole  of  global  growth’  under  the  subtheme: ‘Ijuwe  Tanzania  yako  ya leo’.
Tanzania is ideally situated to be your gateway to the 150 million consumers in East African Community and the 1 billion across the African Continent.
Overcoming barriers to investment is at the centre of this initiative. The Tanzania government will set out opportunities for investment and present the steps they are taking to attract and support investors. Existing and potential investors can share experiences and build relationships with country representatives and experts throughout the day.
The conference will contribute to the Government’s long-term goal of generating job creation and prosperity for the people of Tanzania. It is not just about investment today, but about investment in the future.
Speakers will include ministers from the UK and the Tanzania, plus senior experts from major institutions such as the Africa Union, EBRD, IMF, World Bank, Zurich Emerging Markets and Lloyds,TATA,CRDB,AZANIA  BANK,KBC  BANK ,etc
The event will:
·                         Provide networking opportunities between the Diaspora, companies from Tanzania and those across  Europe with a focus on supporting new investors.
·                         Include sector focused panel discussions, facilitating discussions between investors, governments and about challenges and policy barriers to attracting greater investment; provide meeting rooms and a booking system to facilitate one-to-one discussions.
·                         Include sessions covering Managing Investment Risks in Tanzania in  and Accessing Local Skills and Supply Chains.
·                         Provide a platform for Tanzania to showcase foreign direct investment opportunities and the action their governments are taking to improve their investment climate.
·                         Provide opportunities for one-to-one discussions between participants, speakers and government officials
·                         Small  Diaspora businesses  are  welcome

 We also invite you to support our community Leaders Gala Awards Dinner. The evening provides an opportunity for you to join us in celebrating the vital work of Tanzanians in the Diaspora   and friends of Tanzania as well as helping to deliver our mission to bring the UK and Tanzania closer together through our pioneering activities in business, policy and culture. Funds raised from the dinner contribute directly towards the success of our programmes; highlights of which include our conferences (Tanzania Convention-Trade and investment Forum), policy briefings , and our film,culture and literature festivals.
·                         We present these annual awards to those individuals who exemplify the concept of the ‘Servant Leader’. These awards highlight the links between economic success, professional excellence accompanied by moral leadership, and service to society. By recognising individuals who embody the ‘Servant Leader’ ideal, we seek to encourage widespread recognition and adoption of these values among the global Great lakes community.
·                         You  are  all  welcome to attend
·                         Dress  code  :Smart

For any general enquiries about this event and registration, please contact:
TEL +447960811614